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Else Nutrition Toddler Formula offers a complete and balanced nutrition solution. Give your child the best start with Else Nutrition Toddler Formula – where health and innovation come together to support your child's well-being.


  • Dairy-free. Contains no lactose.
  • USDA Organic and Clean Label Project Purity certified.
  • Free of gluten, soy, corn syrup, and GMOs
  • 4-out-of-5 children with trouble gaining weight saw improvement after switching to our Complete Plant-Based Nutrition

Else Nutrition Toddler Formula

    • Buckwheat: Nutrient dense, gluten-free pseudograin, primary source of protein and carbohydrate.
    • Almonds: Primary source of protein, fat, fiber, and Vitamin E.
    • Tapioca: Easy-to-digest, gluten-free carbohydrate originating from cassava root.
  • Before preparing, thoroughly wash hands, containers and all surfaces. For best results follow the preparation table & instructions:

    Step 1: Prepare 4 fluid oz of lukewarm to warm water.

    Step 2: Add 4 unpacked scoops (36g) of powder to water.

    Step 3: Shake vigourously for 15 seconds.

    Step 4: Add 4 additional fluid oz of lukewarm to warm water.

    Step 5: Shake vigrously for another 15 seconds.

    Step 6: Check drink temperature before serving. If needed cool bottler under cold water. Warning: Never warm prepared drink in a microwave. Serious burns may occur.

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