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Enjoy the convenience of adding a creamy vanilla twist to your smoothies, shakes, or baked goods. With KOS, you can savor the delightful taste while ensuring your body receives the protein it requires for optimal functioning. Whether you're recovering from a workout, seeking sustained energy throughout the day, or aiming to support your overall well-being, KOS Organic Plant Protein Vanilla is your partner in achieving your dietary goals.


  • 20 g Protein
  • 150 Calories
  • Plant Based 
  • Made without Gluten
  • Made without Dairy
  • Made without Soy
  • Non GMO
  • USDA Organic

Kos Organic Plant Protein Vanilla

  • Mix 1 serving (2 scoops) in 8-12 fl oz of cold water or non-dairy drink and blend or shake in a shaker cup, and if you're feeling frisky, add a frozen banana. 

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