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Give your hair the nourishment it deserves with Puracy Conditioner Citrus & Mint. Enjoy the invigorating scents, the gentle yet effective formula, and the revitalizing benefits it brings to your hair care routine.


  • Get silky, shiny, friction-less hair from a refined blend of plant and botanical-based ingredients
  • Premium conditioner for all hair types made from a blend of natural moisturizers, botanical extracts, and vegetable emollients
  • Citrus & Mint: Freshly sliced bergamot with gentle notes of peppermint and eucalyptus
  • Developed for men and women, with all hair types, by our team of PhD chemists - Proprietary blend of Soapbark, Ivy, Black Walnut Leaf, Matricaria, and Ginseng Extracts restore essential nutrients back to your hair

Puracy Conditioner Citrus & Mint

  • Shampoo and rinse your hair. Apply conditioner to hands and massage gently into hair. Leave conditioner in hair for at least 1 mminute. Rinse thoroughly.

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