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Embrace the convenience of incorporating a versatile rice blend into your culinary creations. With Ryce, you can infuse your dishes with the delightful taste of quinoa and jasmine rice while ensuring they're nutritious and satisfying. Whether you're looking to prepare a hearty side dish, a nutritious salad base, or a flavorful rice bowl, Ryce Quinoa & Jasmine Rice Blend is your partner in achieving a tasty and health-conscious dining experience.


  • Designed to turn ordinary jasmine rice to become nutrient-dense and healthy. It is the perfect blend of premium organic jasmine rice and the ancient super-grain, bi-color quinoa.
  • Has a pleasant, slightly crunchy texture, light nutty flavor, and earthy aroma 

Ryce Quinoa & Jasmine Rice Blend

  • Thoroughly rinse Ryce before cooking. For Rice Cooker: Add 1 cup of Ryce to 2 cups of water and cook for 15-20 minutes or until water is absorbed.

  • 500g

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