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Indulge in a luxurious bath experience with SpaLife's Petal-Infused Bath Salts. Formulated with dried petals, these salts rejuvenate and cleanse your skin, creating an aromatic and pampering oasis right in your tub.


  • Relax and unwind as you melt into the soothing aromatherapy of lavender.
  • Our tranquil bath salt not only cleanses and calms your skin but also brings peace to your mind, turning your bath into a serene escape.
  • Contain mineral-rich, ancient Dead Sea salts that detoxify and remove toxins from your body. 
  • Feel the relief as magnesium and other natural elements soothe aching joints and muscles, providing the ultimate relaxation.

Spa Life Tea Spa Soothing Bath Salts Lavander

  • 500g

  • Lavander

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