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Introducing T2 Hero Herbals, a unique blend of herbal teas crafted to awaken your senses and elevate your tea experience. This heroic infusion combines a medley of aromatic herbs, creating a soothing and revitalizing cup of tea.


  • TEN TOP SIPS - Packed with high quality herbal tea, each sachet offers a whole new world of flavor
  • Loose tea for greater health benefits thanks to bigger leaves that keep more of their catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. Thanks to the leaves' surface area, you also get more natural oils, flavor and scent!
  • BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS - T2 Tea is sourced from the finest seasonal tea ingredients from around the world. Our expert tea blenders source only the finest quality premium loose leaf tea for your next T2 Tea moment

T2 Hero Herbals

₱500.00 Regular Price
₱399.00Sale Price
  • 10 Loose Leaf Tea

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