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Prepare for a delightful tea experience with T2 Tea's thoughtfully selected assortment of premium loose-leaf teas. This handpicked collection features the finest fragrant white teas, glorious greens, and irresistible oolongs, making it the perfect choice for tea lovers. With 10 sachets of loose leaf tea in each package, this carefully curated selection guarantees an indulgent tea drinking experience.

T2 Tea Green & Friends

₱550.00 Regular Price
₱399.03Sale Price
  • China Jasmine: Green tea, jasmine

    Gorgeous Geisha: Green tea, natural and artificial flavouring, freeze dried strawberries

    Green Rose: Green tea (87%), currants, papaya bits (papaya, sugar), rose petals (2%), mango bits (mango, sugar, acidifier), natural and artificial flavouring, cornflower petals

    Jade Mountain: Gen mai cha (roasted rice, green tea, popped rice), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut), cocoa husks, sweet blackberry leaves, chicory root, almonds, carob

    Japanese GMC Sencha: Green tea, roasted rice, popped riceJapanese Sencha: Green teaOolong Berry: Oolong tea, raspberry (3%), natural and artificial flavouring

    Oolong Chocolate Chai: Oolong tea (43%), cocoa husk, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, chocolate chips (4%) (sugar, cocoa, lecithin, black pepper, natural and artificial flavouring.

    White Rose: White tea, rose petals (1.99%), artificial flavouringWhite

    White Cocoa: White tea, cocoa husks (25%), coconut flakes (coconut, sugar)

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