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Are you seeking a soothing and comforting tea to ease digestive discomfort? T2 Tummy Tea Soothe with Peppermint & Fennel promote digestive wellness and relaxation. Whether you're dealing with a bloated stomach or simply looking for a comforting cup of tea, T2 Tummy Tea Soothe is your trusted choice for sipping your way to a more settled tummy. 


  • Bright and smooth peppermint with lingering sweetness.
  • The limited edition tin doesn't just look great, it will also keep your tea fresh from first sip to last drop. Sealed fresh in a compostable plastic bag.
  • Great to soothe and aid in digestion.
  • Best brewed 3-5 minutes using freshly boiled water in your favourite loose leaf tea infuser. One teaspoon per cup. Perfect on its own.

T2 Tummy Tea Soothe With Peppermint & Fennel

₱500.00 Regular Price
₱399.00Sale Price
  • 10 Tea Bags

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