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Elevate your nutrition with The Superfood Grocer Spirulina Powder! Sourced from premium spirulina, this nutrient-rich powder is packed with protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients. 


  • Protein Powerhouse
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Quick Recover
  • Boosts Breast Milk
  • Natural, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free & Plant Based

The Superfood Grocer Spirulina Powder

  • 100g

  • May be mixed with smoothies (start with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp), healthy desserts, and other healthy meals. Don’t let first impressions (i.e. fishy smell) detract you, try to taste it and you will find that it tastes just like nori (seaweed). Ease your way into spirulina and start with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Spirulina has detoxing / cleansing benefits, so too much too soon would send you to the bathroom (although effortlessly and painlessly).

    For therapeutic dose or for athletes, you may take 1 tbsp a day (after easing your way in).

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